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                About WIT
                Present Leaders
                Outlook of Department
                Scientific Research Institutions
                Key Subjects
                Cooperation & Communication
                Home Page





                President's Office

                Coordination and supervision; secretarial and information; meeting affairs and reception; comprehensive statistics; management of foreign affairs; transaction management , management of board of trustee;, security work , alumnus and other affairs, archives , residents committee;

                Organization department (United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee , Party school)

                Middle level cadre , the party and the masses unit's section cadres contingent building and management, Party building work; Party members’, cadres’ and activists’ educating and training; United front work

                Publicity Office

                Ideology work of the whole institute; Organize and guide teaching and administrative staff's politics study; Cultural construction and management of the campus; Internal and international communication; Relevant work of the spiritual civilization ; Radio & TV Broadcast, The school newspaper and the Website.

                Discipline Inspection Commission Office

                The party members and cadres are educated, supervised,investigated and prosecuted; the administration control

                Worker’s Union

                " trade union law ", every function of Labor union stipulated by " Labor Union Law " and “ Rules of Labor Union ";Routine of school personnel representatives assembly

                Youth League committee

                The education which guides the League members of the whole school is managed; Responsible for the construction of the Youth League ; Responsible for organizing cultural activities of the campus; Guiding the Students' Union and the Graduates’ Union; Responsible for the management to student's corporations of the whole school

                Personnel Office

                Teachers' building and management; Construction and management of section cadres (except the section cadre of management of Organization Department ); the personnel allocation; Organization structuring and staff management; Welfare of the labour wage; Examine , rewards and punishments and social insurance work; The professional title is commented and engaged ; Staff training and exchange; Interim employment is planned and managed.

                Office of Teaching Affairs

                Management of the achievement and roll of all the students; Teaching plan; Construction of all the specialities and courses; Teaching dispatcher; Practise teaching; Management of practise andexperiment teaching; Teaching quality control; Construction and management of the laboratories

                Office of Science & Technology

                Scientific research project; The Scientific achievements are declared and managed; Patent work; Scientific and technical result transformation; Key laboratory construction; Management of school-run industry and service

                Office of Finance Affairs

                Financial administration and service; The settling in advance of expenses; Benefit analysis of the fund; Responsible for student loan affairs

                Office of Students’ affairs

                Guide and coordinate the ideological and political education; Daily management affairs , such as suspending schooling , leaving school , going back to school , transferring to another school and rewards and punishments of the students; Guide and coordinate the work of the political work cadres and tutors; Help with careers guidance and military training; Responsible for students' psychologicalconsultation; Help to handle the student loan

                Office of Admission & Graduate Affairs

                Responsible for the enrollment of all the students; Careers guidance of the graduates; Responsible for formalities of assigning and sending

                Office of Foreign Affairs

                Invitation of foreign experts; Exchanges and cooperation with external world.

                Office of Postgraduates

                Expanding master station; The enrollment and training of the graduate students; Ideological and political work of graduates and everyday control; Declare centers for doctors; Discipline construction

                Office of Security

                Public security of the school, fires prevention, the campus and peripheral comprehensive administration; collective registered permanent residence and ID card management; Take charge of military training; Work for the family members of revolutionary martyrs; Management of the squad of bodyguards of the school

                Audit Office

                Financial revenue and expenditure, finance and economics law and discipline, economic benefits, financial responsibility auditing; Auditing of construction and expanding; The evaluation of the inside control system.

                Office of Construction

                Annual construction investment plan; Bid the reconnoitring, constructing and setting up; Management of the construction course; The relevant formalities of every project; Internal and external connection

                Office of Assets & Logistic Administration

                Affairs of land , houses , equipment , goods,materials plan, distribution, maintenance and value preserving and appreciation; Environmental protection; Carry on macro-management, coordination and control to the logistic service head company on behalf of the school; Logistic service funds budget , using and controlling, maintaining and improvement project ; The management of the funds on infrastructure maintenance; House property and furniture are managed; The management of the office for incoming and outgoing mails

                Office of The Off-post & The Retired

                Service and management of the retired personnel


                Management and service of the books, document, and materials of the school; establishment of the plan of books ordering and purchasing

                Network and Information Center

                Teaching with audiovisual aids and its relevant management; Construction, management and service of campus network

                Center of Material supply

                Purchase and supplying of books, teaching materials, furniture, equipment and other articles

                Journal editorial Office

                Manuscript organization , editing , printing , issuing of the school journal (including natural science edition and social science edition)

                Center of test and survey

                Undertake the experiment teaching of correlated curriculum; Serve for scientific research; Strengthen external cooperation; Responsible for the construction and management of the Centre

                the teaching centre of project practice

                Take charge of and guide the metal practice teaching


                Teachers, students, administrative personnel and workers' medical treatment and health care; Formulation of the socialized medicine policy; Reimbursement of medical expenses; Family planning

                the head company of Logistic service

                The production, service and inside management for the logistic system; Security of the buildings; Every rear-service ensurance task that the school gives


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